Two Lane is a media company reporting on issues that matter. What matters to us are stories around sustainability, regeneration and well-being. Here you will see stories about local and international heroes, latest ideas on travel, style, health and culture as well as in-depth feature articles on latest thinking and experience in the space.

We have exclusive interviews with important people in the non-profit, business, government and cultural sectors. We are talking to those people who are moving the needle forward.

We also highlight stories of promise. Not all of these projects will work but we think it is really important to highlight that it matters when people show up with an innovative idea and try it. We are talking to technology entrepreneurs, new founders of non-profits, old foundations who are moving with the times, and others.

Because the media made by people, this media site is also a community site. All of our subscribers are part of a community of people who are making the future of news in this space. Subscribers are people you want to know and they will want to know you. We ensure ways for subscribers to collaborate and connect on a regular basis via slack channels, live events and webinars (coming soon!).

Our film company,  Two Lane Films makes movies around stories of strength and community resilience. As a Two Lane subscriber, you will have exclusive access to watch these films and those of partner production companies. Many of our stories featured here on this site are also candidates to go further in-depth in a documentary format. So, please send us tips and pitches.

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Angela Hariche is the Editor-in-Chief of Two Lane Media. She has extensive experience in sustainability with the United Nations, OECD and philanthropy. Her curiosity lies in understanding the cross sections between people, their creativity, communities and policies.


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