ALERT: Worried About the Escalating Violence on the Border? Be HIP.

The escalating violence on the U.S.- Mexico border is outrageous. I have been having discussions with many of our subscribers and friends about what to do. One of the best ways is to engage with Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP) which is a transnational network of foundations which makes impactful investments in the Latino community. They help Latino nonprofits access funds and develop their leadership so they can effectively address the most pressing issues.

Donations are accepted through the HIPGIVE Fund . The campaign is designed to double down on funding for the key trusted non-profits who are in the area and are experts on how to handle this situation. The site ensures that the donations are going right into the hands of these expert local non-profits.

Some of the non-profits include:

  • Instituto Madre Asunta
    Instituto Madre Asunta provides three meals per day, clothes, shoes, legal assistance, psychological care, spiritual and medical assistance, as well as access to phones. Madre Asunta has been in existence for 17 years and has helped 17,000 migrant women and children. Currently, they are assisting 115 women and children. Funding can help expand their initiatives by hiring 5 teachers that will offer workshops and classes for children and develop their programs, which equip women who have stayed in Tijuana with entrepreneurship skills and job prospects.
  • Immigration Justice Project (IJP) of San Diego
    The Immigration Justice Project (IJP) provides high-quality legal assistance to immigrants who are unable to secure legal representation through their Legal Orientation Program (LOP) that works in the Otay Mesa Detention Facility in San Diego, California with immigrants who are unable to secure legal representation. Approximately 75 percent of the detained immigrant population held at the detention center continues to be unrepresented. LOP educates individuals, many of whom are parents that have been separated from their children, about their rights in removal proceedings and arms them with tools to represent themselves. Annually the LOP program works with approximately 3,500 detained immigrants. IJP takes on pro bono representation of LOP participants or connects them with outside volunteer attorneys willing to provide pro bono representation.
  • Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project
    For nearly 30 years, the Florence Project has been the only organization providing free legal and social services for men, women, and children held in isolated immigration detention centers in Arizona, awaiting deportation. An estimated 86 percent of the detained people go unrepresented due to poverty. This year alone, Florence Project staff has documented more than 600 cases of family separation, a near 400 percent increase from 2017.The Florence Project strives to address this inequity both locally and nationally through direct service, partnerships with the community, and advocacy and outreach efforts.The organization houses an adult team, children’s program, mental health team which serves as the appointed counsel for cases in Arizona, integrated social services, and a pro bono program. With your support, the Florence Project can sustain representation for young children and their parents for years to come.

In a statement given yesterday, HIP President and CEO, Ana Marie Argilagos said:

“HIP is watching this situation closely, and members of our team in Mexico and California are working to keep our network abreast of this quickly escalating situation. Our network of partners in San Diego and Tijuana are working around the clock to provide humanitarian aid and the emergency support needed. HIP has partnered with Central America and Mexico Migration Alliance (CAMMINA) stakeholders and other key allies on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border to provide immediate and continued support to the asylum seekers caught in the middle of this human crisis. At this time, community organizations and faith-based groups on the ground are in dire need of your support as they are the only lifeline for many migrants, offering crucial services such as shelter, food, life-saving medical services, and important legal aid. These organizations are also helping to mitigate the impact on the communities that live along the border by providing a much-needed response to the increase of needy families entering the region.

Two Lane is also watching this situation unfold and will keep our subscribers apprised with the latest. We will ensure that the information we provide is coming from the most trusted sources. HIP is one.


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