Two Lane’s “On the Road” Podcast with Mark Somen, CEO of The Conduit

This week, Two Lane co-founder Angela Hariche had the opportunity to talk to Nairobi native Mark Somen, CEO of The Conduit, a new club of individuals working for social change. With programming inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals, the London members’ club will be working its way across the pond to New York over the next year or so.

The club has all of the aspects of a members’ club like the Soho House including the highest caliber food and drink, careful attention to design quality and a beautiful space in London’s city center. However, every single one of their members is invited because of their work in the world of social change.

In this interview, Angela talks to Mark about his journey getting to the Conduit, what you won’t get on your burger there, his hopes for the company and the community, his greatest worries for the world at large, and some of the support that the Conduit provides its members to carry out their work.

For more information on The Conduit, see their website here. You will probably see a few members of the Two Lane community around the halls as well!

We hope you enjoy this podcast.

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